Runners Should Prefer Plantar Fasciitis Shoes, Why?

Runners Should Prefer Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that affects the feet of the runners. The condition is associated with pain and swelling on different parts of the foot and it can be hard to treat. This may cause inconsistency especially in sports where regular action is required. This makes it essential for runners to use plantar fasciitis shoes during training and real action.

Why Should Runners Prefer Plantar Fasciitis Shoes?

There are various reasons as to why runners should prefer to use plantar fasciitis shoes during their activities. These shoes are designed to control and prevent the causes of plantar fasciitis. The reasons include:

1. They Support Heels

During running, a lot of pressure is usually exacted on the heels especially during stepping. As a result, one is exposed to constant heel pain which makes it extremely difficult to train or participate in sports.

In this light, therefore, runners should prefer using plantar fasciitis which are designed in a way to prevent heel pain. The shoes are fitted with cushions and they are also slightly raised at the back part. This supports the heel pain through providing effective support during stepping.

2. They have Custom Insoles

The custom insoles can be removed or fitted back in the plantar fasciitis shoes depending on how a runner’s comfort. Runners have feet with different shapes. Some feet have flat middle-bottom part while others have the same part raised a bit.

Where a runner has a flat middle-bottom part, adding the custom insole in the shoe is essential in preventing plantar fasciitis. At the same time, one can add extra insole or cushions to increase the comfort during running.

3. Orthotic Footbeds and Inserts

The orthotic footbeds are highly recommended by health technicians in the prevention of feet pain and for foot support. The orthotic footbeds are shoe inserts in form of ultra-stretch, insoles, pinnacle, sandals, and support sleeve.

Most plantar fasciitis come with the orthotic footbeds and inserts. These footbeds and inserts may be inserted inside shoes or worn while at home. They help in correcting the foot and setting it in position during and after running.

4. Absorb Shock Exacted

Runners Should Prefer Plantar Fasciitis ShoesWhile running especially on uneven or rocky grounds, it is highly likely to exact shock on different parts of the foot. The most affected part is the heel. The plantar fasciitis shoes are fitted with supportive cushions and a raised heel which absorbs shock while eliminating the pressure exacted on it.

As a result, this prevents contraction of plantar fasciitis. At the same time, the footwear distributed the weight of the body on the heel and the entire foot. This prevents body weight from exacting a lot of pressure on the heel and foot.

5. Breathability and Elasticity

Most of the plantar fasciitis shoes are designed with air holes. These air holes allow air inside and outside the shoe while stepping and walking along. The entry of air prevents build up of pressure and also heat inside the shoes.

At the same time, the shoes are designed with elasticity. This prevents holding the feet into one position for long. They allow the feet to make moves especially while stepping or walking on uneven and rocky grounds.


There are various companies which produce plantar fasciitis shoes. It is important to check features such as cushions, heel support, breath-ability, and elasticity among others. This will enlighten you on the ability of the shoe to prevent plantar fasciitis condition.

Why Is a Massage Chair Essential for a Sports Player?

Why Is a Massage Chair Essential for a Sports Player

Massage plays an important role in keeping sportsmen and women in their best shape. This means that a sports person should have a way of getting massages. A massage chair makes it possible for a player to receive massages whenever they need them.

Usually, the need for massage is during and after exercise. Massages may also be needed when the sports player is recovering from an injury. The following are some of the reasons why a massage chair is essential for an athlete.

1. To keep the muscles healthy

Massage keeps the muscles supplied with oxygen at all time. The kneading breaks down whatever lactic acid that may be accumulated in the muscles. The massage chair helps the athlete to get these services in the convenience of their homes or other places that are convenient for them. The supply of oxygen and the breaking down of lactic acid keeps the sportsperson capable of playing accordingly.

2. Rehabilitation for the injured

If an athlete is injured, the benefits of the massage chair are even more than when an athlete is healthy. This is because the massage chair makes the muscle remain supple which aides in healing. The chair also vibrates the tendons reducing the rigidness of the tendons and whole limbs. This also reduces the recovery time needed after an injury.

3. Removal of toxins from the body

Why Is a Massage Chair Essential for a Sports PlayerOver and above oxygenating the muscles, a massage removes toxins from the body by shaking it out of the muscles. This leaves the athletes body healthy and able to perform. Removal of toxins leaves the body limber and boosts performance of the athlete to the peak. Regular massages ensure that toxins never get the opportunity to accumulate. A massage chair is the best way to ensure that the athlete gets massages at least once in a day.

4. There is variety in a massage chair

Massage chairs have the capability to offer a variety of services. The services include deep tissue massage, sports massage, acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu massage. This is usually more than a single masseuse can offer at the same regularity as the chair. The chair also has a consistent quality of service that which guarantees the athlete a certain level of satisfaction. The service can be adjusted to fit the needs of the customer at any given time as far as intensity is concerned.

5. Psychological effects

Mental strength is one of the key requirements for a successful athlete. Massages work to focus the mind of the athlete if given before a game. Massages also increase blood flow in the body. This enables the athlete to get sleep before engaging in competitive events. When they have had enough sleep the ability of their minds to focus on the event is enhanced. This leads to better performance.


One of the greatest determinants of the success of massage therapy is how often the therapy is offered. Regularity determines how healthy and oxygenated muscles are and how healthy all the muscles are as a result of the massage.

It is usually not possible amid busy schedules for a person to visit a masseuse every day. It is however possible for such a sports person to be getting daily massages if it is deemed necessary if they have a massage chair in their possession.