Men’s Major Golf Championships

Men’s Major Golf ChampionshipsMajor golf championships are main golf events that are held in different times of the year involving golfers from different places. Together with Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup, these major championships are useful in bringing golfers together while also upholding the game.

What are the Men’s Major Golf Championships?

There are four men’s major golf championships. In these championships, elite golf players gather in a bid to determine the best of all golfers. At the same time, the golf championships are essential for honoring greatest golfers ever while upholding the game. These championships include:

1. The April Masters Tournament

This is a championship that involves elite men golfers from different parts of the world. It is held in the weekend ending the second Sunday in every April. The Masters Tournament is hosted as an invitation. Therefore, golfers have to be invited in order for them to attend the event.

The Masters Tournament is hosted and played at Augusta Golf Club in US in the State of Georgia. The golfers who attend this tournament spend a whole weekend in different golf competitions in the golf club.

2. The US Open Golf Championship

US Open is a major golf championship that is also hosted in the United States. The event takes place in the third Sunday of every June in the year. This event can also be hosted in the father’s day which occurs in the same period.

Normally, US open is hosted by the organization by the name United States Golf Association (USGA). The main aim of the event is to gather golfers from different parts of the world together and to develop the game of golf. US Open is held in different places across US.

3. The Open Championship

Men’s Major Golf ChampionshipsThis is also a major event that links different golf players from different parts of the world within a single point. It is mainly attended through players’ invitation though the viewers can freely attend it. The event takes place in the week which has the third Friday in the month of July in every year.

The Open Championship is normally hosted by The R&A. this stands for The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Unlike other events which mainly take place in the US, The Open Championship takes place in different locations among the ten selected ones in UK.

4. The PGA Championship

PGA Golf Championship is held in the third weekend as we head to the Labor Day. However, the event is usually a subject to alterations in the date at which it is hosted. This occurs in every four years due to the Summer Olympics that coincides with the event.

This event is normally hosted by Professional Golfers’ Association of America. At the same time, PGA Championship is held in different places within America. However, it does not only welcome golf players from America only. Instead, the event is open to different elite golfers from different places in the world.


Men’s Major Golf Championships are essential in different ways. They are prestigious events which attract golf players from different parts of the world. They also attract sponsors and golf organizations. This acts in developing the game and making golf game more popular across the world.