Why Prefer Golf Hitting Mats by “All Turf Mats’

Why Prefer Golf Hitting Mats by "All Turf Mats’

Practicing golf at home comes up as a direct imitation of the ideal golf game at the golf club. On the same note, practice golf at home goes hand-in-hand with golf mats. Using an old and tattered golf mat or a worn out carpet may limit the effectiveness of your golfing practice..

Why Should You Prefer Golf Hitting Mats?

A golf hitting mat becomes the perfect option when you desire indoor practice. It is also preferred when you want to spare your lawn, hence, avoid using grass. Moreover, using golf mats protects you as a golfer from getting injured. Injury may occur due to ball continuous ball smashing from a surface that is not adequate.

Golf practice mats are available in a variety of prices and sizes. Though, not all of the mats can be as helpful and effective as you may feel. Therefore, when you want to install a golf mat in your home practice facility, you may need to check for a good quality mat. With prior and careful choice, you will have avoided disappointments.

Furthermore, a poorly made golf mat may be likened to golf club that already broke up. In training on swinging, golf mats appear to be the most effective training aids. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the mat’s quality prior to purchasing it.

All Turf Golf Mats

1. 48” x 60 XL Supermat Tee Golf Turf – Holds a Wooden Tee

The Supermat Tee Golf Turf is a well-suited to its role mat as it provides a smooth ground on which to practice golfing. At the same time, it has the ability to hold a wooden tee. Holding the wooden tee makes it possible to place the ball comfortably before hitting. The mat holds the tee by its fibers at any position.

Therefore, you can easily practice different skills and cues in golfing. It is 1.250” thick providing a smooth and thick surface to step on. Also, this is important to preserve your golfing stick in case you miss out on the ball. Normally, the mat comes in 4’ x 5’ in size which is an appropriate ground for home practices. This golf hitting mat has been getting some great reviews and is a product that offers a quality golf mat fabricated from a one hundred percent nylon that will offer you a genuine hitting experience which will make your golf home practice experience almost perfect.

2. PGM3660 3” * 5” Emerald Par Golf Mat

The Emerald Golf Mat is a turf that is made of a woven nylon. In addition, it has backing foam of 5mm, which acts to ensure the mat remains steady. To enhance playing on a fairway that is well-groomed, there is an inclusion of one rubber tee. These mats are usually great for family practice, in that they can be laid on almost all surfaces.

3. 60”x 60” XL Tee Golf Mat – Holds a Wooden Tee

This mat is made of nylon material that is 100% spring-crippled. Even in case of abuse or distraction to the mat, the backing material made of urethane makes it withstand. This mat is used with a wooden-tee, and therefore you can hit any clubs at the height of your choice.

One advantage with this mat is that it gives a different feeling on a shot that is flat. This happens because the fibers in it slows the speed of club- head, hence a flat shot. Also, holding the wooden tee keeps the ball on a comfortable position as you swing to hit it.


Practicing golfing regularly at home produces the best of any golfer during competitions and championships. A golf mat is all you need to in order to hike your golf experience. Thus, selecting a high quality mat is essential in making your golf practices effective..

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