European Athletics Youth Championships

European Athletics Youth ChampionshipsIn 2013, the European Athletics Congress came up with an idea to start a biannual athletics events for European youth under the age of 18. This would be the third event organized by the congress after the European Athletics Junior Championship which was first held in 1970 and the European Athletics Under 23 championships which was first held in 1997.

The first of this championship was held in 2016. The championship is to serve as an alternate to the European Youth Olympic Festival. While the two tournaments have participants from the same age bracket, the difference between the two is that the Athletics Youth Championship is purely an athletics affair while the Youth Olympic Festival incorporates nine different games including athletics. The 2016 edition was held in Tbilisi while the 2018 and 2020 editions will be held at Gyor and Rieti respectively. In Tbilisi, the venue was the Athletics Stadium of Tbilisi while in Gyor and Rieti the venues will be Aqua Sports Center and Stadio Raul Guidobaldi.

The inaugural records from the games were set in Tbilisi in 2016 by athletes from all over Europe. Their origins were as diverse as Germany, Britain, Belarus and many other countries. This is an indication that the championships are helping identify young athletic talent from all over Europe. The championship has a total of 21 events for boys and twenty events for boys.Some of such young people had not had much international exposure prior to the event., thus, this was a good opportunity for them.

Some of the most notable appearances that in the 2016 games include Emmanouil Karalis who won the pole vault gold medal in the event. The 16-year-old from Greece missed the world’s junior pole vault record by a whisker. There was other memorable performance such as in 800 meters which was a highly entertaining event with George Mills leading the field from start to finish in his personal best time of 1:48:82. Another young Greek athlete, Alina Shukh also set a record in heptathlon.

The inaugural event was not without challenges as long jumpers were hindered by strong winds which prevented most from performing as well as they could have. The Britons, though had successful championship. This was especially the case in the last session. Despite the winds that withstood the long jumper’s, Holly Mills managed an impressive 6.19 m jump. The 800 M winner was also from Britain, both events happened in the last session of the games.

Delia Sclabas of Sweden won both 1500 and 3000 meters’ race. 400 m hurdles for men was an entertaining endeavor. Aleix Porras of Spain who was the favorite to win the race, appeared to be on the way to a win but Alessandro Sibilio caught up with him and beat him to the finish line. Eligibility for these games is determined by the nationality of the individual. This is because the objective of the games is to discover young European talents and set it on a path for growth in athletics in the European region.

Europe’s Young Olympic Hopefuls Compete In Tbilisi

Europe’s Young Olympic Hopefuls Compete In TbilisiAlmost 4000 young competitors met in Tbilisi the capital of Georgia to compete in the European Youth Olympic Festival. Participants come from 50 countries and all of them are millennials born from 1998 to 2000. The European Youth Olympic Festival is fully acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee. The difference between these games and the main Olympic event is that the youth festival has only nine events while the main Olympic games have many more events.

The events in these games include volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, cycling judo, athletics, swimming and handball. Preparations for the games have taken Georgia over two years. Among the facilities that were put in place include a sports complex known as New Georgia. Construction of the venue is a clear indication of the total support that the government of Georgia has accorded the event. This modern facility is expected to continue offering services to the people of Georgia long after the games have come to an end.

Former world champion in gymnastics, Rusudan Sikharulidze who is from Georgia is currently training the Georgian gymnastics team. She recalled the time when she was, herself active. There were no good facilities in the country where they could train. It was necessary for them to go to other countries so as to train effectively. This is no longer going to be the case for young Georgian gymnasts after the construction of New Tbilisi. It has foam pits, which are critical for proper gymnastic training. There are also other facilities in the complex such as an Olympic sized pool, a modern high quality track and an auditorium for indoor games.

Europe’s Young Olympic Hopefuls Compete In TbilisiOver and above the stadium, the government has also constructed an Olympic Village to host the athletes. This village comprises of nine blocks of apartments which have the capacity to host a large number of the visiting athletes. There are also restaurants in the village as well as a hotel. This facility was built for the games. Once the games are over, most of the apartments will become homes for internally displaced people while others will be sold. The IDPs to be settled in this village are from Abkhazia and others are from South Ossetia.

To the nation and people of Georgia, hosting the games is a proud opportunity where they are able to showcase Georgia is one of the great countries in the world seeing that it is one of the oldest countries in the world. Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, said that the opportunity to host this great European event is an affirmation that Tbilisi was indeed a European city and Georgia a European country. The presence and participation of the Prime Minister was also an indication of how heavily the government is invested in the games.

Mr. Aleksi Akhvlediani, chairman of the games intimated that this was the thirteenth edition of the games that are governed under the Olympic charter. The young participants also had a lot to say about the games and their individual ambitions. Dani Georgiou a sixteen-year-old Cypriot sees that games as an opportunity to prepare for the Olympics. This perspective is shared by many of the youth participating in the games.

Top 15 Running Moments at the 2016 Olympics

2016 Rio Olympics was among the best ever Olympics event to be held in the world. Various runners were involved in different running moments. In these moments, the runners were able to showcase their talent as well as success in amassing different medals. These moments include:

1. Farah Falls Gold Winning Stance

Top 15 Running Moments at the 2016 OlympicsMany expected to see Mo Farah repeat his stance performance in winning 10,000 meters in 2012. Again, Farah was able to make it past his opponents. Within only 27:05:17, he was able to bag in another gold medal.

2. Almaz taking away US 10,000m Record

This was another whooping performance by the Ethiopian international Almaz Ayana. Within 29:17:45, she was able to scoop the US 30:13:17 record in the same run. This was a really stunning performance.

3. Jenny Simpson’s Record in 1500m Women’s Race

Where else could a stunning run by Jenny Simpson be witnessed apart from 2016 Rio Olympics? She only made her breathtaking record within 4:10:53 breaking past Dibaba who only managed for a silver medal.

4. Miller Scooping the Gold

Unable to go past the finish line, Miller would not have let the gold go off her while she could have dived to scoop it. This was in the women’s 400 meters race.

5. America takes Top 10

Shalane Flanagan (sixth), Desiree Linden (seventh), and Amy Cragg (ninth) were all in the top ten in the women’s marathon. Such performance was witnessed back in 1972.

6. Rupp Got the Medal

Top 15 Running Moments at the 2016 OlympicsIn the 10,000 meters race, Rupp managed position five in 2:10:05. Although it was not the best performance, it was considerably his personal best.

7. The 100 Meters Goes to Americans

This was the first time when Americans performed well in the 100-meters hurdles. Brian Collins, Nia Ali, and Kristi Castlin followed one another as they headed for the medal.

8. From Pig Farming to the Medal: Murphy

At 21, Murphy had established as a pig farmer in Ohio. However, he was gifted on the other side in making his best out of running. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Murphy stunned many after his (1:42:93) performance in the 800-meters men’s race which earned him a bronze medal.

9. Wayde van Niekerk in the Race

South African Wayde was in the 400-meters race at 74 years old. He was able to smash the 17-year-old record after making it in 43:03.

10. Felix’s Six Golds

Allyson Felix went past Jamaican team in the 4 x 400 meters relay. Eventually, she amassed 6 golds and she appeared to be the most decorated athlete ever seen.

11. 108 Year-Record with Centrowitz

Top 15 Running Moments at the 2016 OlympicsThis was in the 1500-meters race where Centrowitz made it in exactly 3:50:00. The record was previously made in 1908.

12. Bolt Ahead Just Again

The 100-200 meters champion was on his best in the 2016 Rio Olympics. He was able to bag his 9th gold after a classic performance in 100-meters race.

13. Us. In Relay Re-run

It would have been between US and Brazil in the final round of the 4 x 400 meters relay. However, since the Brazilians did not make to the final, US had to re-run the relay alone.

14. Bolt Ranked the Fastest on Earth

In the 100-meter race, Bolt stunned with a 9.81 seconds lightning performance. This earned him a record and a ranking as the fastest man on the planet.

15. Emma Coburn with a Spare Hair in Steeplechase

While training for the 3,000-meter steeplechase, Coburn asked for a spare hair tie form Evan Jager in order to participate in the sport. She continued to bag in a bronze.


The most recent Olympics event in Rio, Brazil was among the best events ever seen in the world. Among other athletes, runners had a couple of experiences which proved to immense fun and adventure to them as well as the world at large.

Men’s Major Golf Championships

Men’s Major Golf ChampionshipsMajor golf championships are main golf events that are held in different times of the year involving golfers from different places. Together with Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup, these major championships are useful in bringing golfers together while also upholding the game.

What are the Men’s Major Golf Championships?

There are four men’s major golf championships. In these championships, elite golf players gather in a bid to determine the best of all golfers. At the same time, the golf championships are essential for honoring greatest golfers ever while upholding the game. These championships include:

1. The April Masters Tournament

This is a championship that involves elite men golfers from different parts of the world. It is held in the weekend ending the second Sunday in every April. The Masters Tournament is hosted as an invitation. Therefore, golfers have to be invited in order for them to attend the event.

The Masters Tournament is hosted and played at Augusta Golf Club in US in the State of Georgia. The golfers who attend this tournament spend a whole weekend in different golf competitions in the golf club.

2. The US Open Golf Championship

US Open is a major golf championship that is also hosted in the United States. The event takes place in the third Sunday of every June in the year. This event can also be hosted in the father’s day which occurs in the same period.

Normally, US open is hosted by the organization by the name United States Golf Association (USGA). The main aim of the event is to gather golfers from different parts of the world together and to develop the game of golf. US Open is held in different places across US.

3. The Open Championship

Men’s Major Golf ChampionshipsThis is also a major event that links different golf players from different parts of the world within a single point. It is mainly attended through players’ invitation though the viewers can freely attend it. The event takes place in the week which has the third Friday in the month of July in every year.

The Open Championship is normally hosted by The R&A. this stands for The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Unlike other events which mainly take place in the US, The Open Championship takes place in different locations among the ten selected ones in UK.

4. The PGA Championship

PGA Golf Championship is held in the third weekend as we head to the Labor Day. However, the event is usually a subject to alterations in the date at which it is hosted. This occurs in every four years due to the Summer Olympics that coincides with the event.

This event is normally hosted by Professional Golfers’ Association of America. At the same time, PGA Championship is held in different places within America. However, it does not only welcome golf players from America only. Instead, the event is open to different elite golfers from different places in the world.


Men’s Major Golf Championships are essential in different ways. They are prestigious events which attract golf players from different parts of the world. They also attract sponsors and golf organizations. This acts in developing the game and making golf game more popular across the world.

Karalis So Close to the World Youth Best in Tbilisi

Karalis So Close to the World Youth Best in Tbilisi

It was in Tbilisi that Emmanouil Karalis almost earned history in the European Youth Championships that were held in Georgia in 2016. This four-day competition gathered athletes from different countries in Europe. Karalis represented his Greece nationality in the championships.

At just 16 years old, Karalis was on his toes to convince the world that the books of history will be rewritten with an inclusion of his name at Tbilisi. He competed out with other athletes in the pole vault such as Alina Shukh. Initially, the event was affected by gusting wind. However, it turned out to be a fascinating one as a total of five vaulters recorded their best in their lifetimes.

However, despite the record-making pole vault event, Karalis did not meet the expectations laid on him. Nonetheless, he earned himself a gold medal at the best position with a 5.40m and 5.45m during initial attempts ahead of Germany international Bo Kanda Lita Baehre who made it at 5.30m. Bo Kanda also attempted the 5.40m and 5.45m but he could not go past Karalis.

After raising the bar to 5.56m, Karalis made his best in two consecutive attempts only to fail in third try. This denied him a chance to go past the record set in 5.55m. At the same time, it kept him within the past athletes although he scooped the gold medal with him after making it higher than Bo Kanda.

However, Karalis is tipped to stun the world after his considerable and effortful practices ahead of IAAF World Junior Championship. This event will be held at Bydgoszcz in Poland starting from next week. At 17 years now, it may be appropriate time for Karalis to go ahead and break the strings of record.

Currently, 17 years have passed after Sydney Olympics when Trine Hatterstad scooped the Olympic javelin gold. However, there has been a promising javelin thrower in Norway by the name Arianne Duarte Morais. Previously, Arianne was able to qualify after recording 57.51m throw.

Later on, it was an interesting moment when the 17-year old youngster made a 60.89m longer throw which was better than the qualifying performance. This went on to be the third best javelin throw in the world in the all-time ranking for the youths.

At Tbilisi, Brits also had a time to enjoy the championships. Among the Brit athletes was Mills. Amidst weather affected by gusting winds, Holly Mills was able to record a 6.19m during the third round of Long Jump. Again, Maja Bedrec went all the way to 6.27m in the last round to make the event her best in lifetime.

Later in the day, another Brit, George Mills, was involved in the 800m men’s race final. Also, at 17 years, George Mills covered the round in 54.81 seconds to do away with Italy’s Andrea Romani and Simeone Barontini in their over 1.49 performances each.

However, Sabrina Sinha was denied by a Swiss, Delia Sciabas, in the 1500m-girls’ race. Erin Wallace came third on the same race. The Finland international Viivi Lehikoinen who was the favorite in the 400m also came on to scoop the gold. He took the lead ahead of Yasmin Giger of Switzerland. Back behind them were Spain’s Aleix Porras and Italy’s Allessandro Sibilio.

In the discus final, Georgios Koniarakis from Cyprus made it to the gold with his best throw at 61.80m after three attempts. Belgium’s Jorg Vanlierde went ahead in decathlon claimed the win ahead of Germany’s Manuel Wagner. However, the Belgian only claimed a gold after losing to Tim van de Velde (5:53.77) and Remi Schyns (5:55.06) in 2000m steeplechase.

In the high jump, Maja Nilsson from Sweden competed with Lithuania’s Baikstyte and won in 1.82m against 1.79m. Triple jumpers went to France’s Martin Lamou at 16.03m jump. The relay medleys were scooped by French and Italian girls recording scores of 2:08.48 and 1:52.78 in respective order.

In wrapping up the championships, British amassed with 5 gold medals and 13 total medals. Germany followed with 4 gold medals while Greece, France, and Italy took 3 gold medals each. However, we are anticipating for a better and a more stunning performance in the 2018 European Youth Championships that will take place in Gyor, Hungary.