Top 15 Running Moments at the 2016 Olympics

2016 Rio Olympics was among the best ever Olympics event to be held in the world. Various runners were involved in different running moments. In these moments, the runners were able to showcase their talent as well as success in amassing different medals. These moments include:

1. Farah Falls Gold Winning Stance

Top 15 Running Moments at the 2016 OlympicsMany expected to see Mo Farah repeat his stance performance in winning 10,000 meters in 2012. Again, Farah was able to make it past his opponents. Within only 27:05:17, he was able to bag in another gold medal.

2. Almaz taking away US 10,000m Record

This was another whooping performance by the Ethiopian international Almaz Ayana. Within 29:17:45, she was able to scoop the US 30:13:17 record in the same run. This was a really stunning performance.

3. Jenny Simpson’s Record in 1500m Women’s Race

Where else could a stunning run by Jenny Simpson be witnessed apart from 2016 Rio Olympics? She only made her breathtaking record within 4:10:53 breaking past Dibaba who only managed for a silver medal.

4. Miller Scooping the Gold

Unable to go past the finish line, Miller would not have let the gold go off her while she could have dived to scoop it. This was in the women’s 400 meters race.

5. America takes Top 10

Shalane Flanagan (sixth), Desiree Linden (seventh), and Amy Cragg (ninth) were all in the top ten in the women’s marathon. Such performance was witnessed back in 1972.

6. Rupp Got the Medal

Top 15 Running Moments at the 2016 OlympicsIn the 10,000 meters race, Rupp managed position five in 2:10:05. Although it was not the best performance, it was considerably his personal best.

7. The 100 Meters Goes to Americans

This was the first time when Americans performed well in the 100-meters hurdles. Brian Collins, Nia Ali, and Kristi Castlin followed one another as they headed for the medal.

8. From Pig Farming to the Medal: Murphy

At 21, Murphy had established as a pig farmer in Ohio. However, he was gifted on the other side in making his best out of running. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Murphy stunned many after his (1:42:93) performance in the 800-meters men’s race which earned him a bronze medal.

9. Wayde van Niekerk in the Race

South African Wayde was in the 400-meters race at 74 years old. He was able to smash the 17-year-old record after making it in 43:03.

10. Felix’s Six Golds

Allyson Felix went past Jamaican team in the 4 x 400 meters relay. Eventually, she amassed 6 golds and she appeared to be the most decorated athlete ever seen.

11. 108 Year-Record with Centrowitz

Top 15 Running Moments at the 2016 OlympicsThis was in the 1500-meters race where Centrowitz made it in exactly 3:50:00. The record was previously made in 1908.

12. Bolt Ahead Just Again

The 100-200 meters champion was on his best in the 2016 Rio Olympics. He was able to bag his 9th gold after a classic performance in 100-meters race.

13. Us. In Relay Re-run

It would have been between US and Brazil in the final round of the 4 x 400 meters relay. However, since the Brazilians did not make to the final, US had to re-run the relay alone.

14. Bolt Ranked the Fastest on Earth

In the 100-meter race, Bolt stunned with a 9.81 seconds lightning performance. This earned him a record and a ranking as the fastest man on the planet.

15. Emma Coburn with a Spare Hair in Steeplechase

While training for the 3,000-meter steeplechase, Coburn asked for a spare hair tie form Evan Jager in order to participate in the sport. She continued to bag in a bronze.


The most recent Olympics event in Rio, Brazil was among the best events ever seen in the world. Among other athletes, runners had a couple of experiences which proved to immense fun and adventure to them as well as the world at large.